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2011-2012 BGC Youth Basketball Rules


– updated 11/02/2012
TMSAA and TSSAA rules will govern program unless covered by BGC Youth Basketball Rules.


*Athletes must be a resident of Scott County and/or attend a Scott County school.
*Eligibility of athletes (boys and girls) 5 years old through 5th grade is determined by the athletes’ age on August 31st.
* Eligible players are those players that are listed on the teams’ official roster held by the Boys & Girls Club.
*If an ineligible athlete plays in a game, that game will be a forfeit.

1.1 Teams are divided up as follows:
5yrs through 6yrs - 5yrs through 6yrs
7yrs through 8yrs - 7yrs through 8yrs
9yrs through 5th grade - 9yrs through 5th grade

1.2 Teams shall consist of at least 8 players. Coaches have the option of having more than ten players, but the Basketball Committee must approve this. This is to
create balance among teams and to allow athletes to participate if each has signed up by the appropriate date.

1.3 A team must have 5 players present at the scheduled game time, but all members of the team must have been contacted about the game.

1.4 A forfeited game will not be rescheduled.

1.5 If a player isn’t present by beginning of second quarter he/she will not be permitted to play in that game. If those athlete(s) play in the game, it will be forfeit.


2.1 Ball size:
*9-11 Boys - 29.5
* All other leagues - 28.5

2.2 Goal height:
* 5-6 year old league will play on 8-foot goals.
* 7-8 year old league will play on 8-foot goals.
* 9-11 year old league will play on 9-foot goals.

2.3 The free throw line shall be:
* 15 feet for 9-11 year old league
* 15 feet for 7-8 year old league – with no line violation
* 10 feet for 5-6 year old league – with no line violation
* No Line violation – If the player’s feet are behind the line before the ball is released, there will be no line violation called.

2.4 Scoring:
* Each made basket behind the 3-point line will receive (3) points.
* Each made basket in front of 3-point line will receive two (2) points.
* Each free throw made shall have a value of one (1) point.

2.5 Officiating: Two league-approved officials will officiate all games when possible.

2.6 Time Outs:
* Each team shall have (2) 60 second and (2) 20 second timeouts per game.

2.7 Game Clock:
* Quarters are 10 minutes for the 7-8 and 9-10 year old age groups, 8 minutes for the 5-6 year old age group.
* The clock will run continuously except for timeouts and the last 2 minutes of regular game play (see

*Jump balls start each game; teams will alternate taking out the ball the rest of the game.
* The clock will NOT stop on free throws or out of bounds. Half time will be 3 minutes.

2.8 Beginning at the 2-minute mark in the 4th quarter the clock will be stopped when the referee blows his/her whistle.

2.9 Overtime will be 2 minutes with clock stopping on each whistle. A jump ball will begin this quarter. Timeouts will carry over from the game and each team will receive an additional 60-second timeout.

2.10 Sudden Death Overtime:
* 5-6 year old leagues will have a shoot out from the free throw line.
* The 5 players on the court for each team will shoot one shot.
* 7-8 & 9-10: If 1st overtime ends in a tie, then “Sudden Death” over time will begin:
* A jump ball will begin this overtime
* There will be no clock
* First team to score will win the game

2.11 Playing Time:
*Each child shall play an uninterrupted quarter during the first half of the game if a team has 10 players or less, or the game will result in a forfeit.
* Each child shall sit an uninterrupted quarter during the first half if a team has 10 players, or the game will result in a forfeit.
* If a team has 11 or more players then the remaining players should play their uninterrupted quarter in the 3rd quarter, or the game will result in a forfeit.
* If a team has less than 10 players, then players must sit their uninterrupted quarter as soon as numbers permit, or the game will result in a forfeit:
* If you have 9 players, you will choose one player to play both the 1st and 2nd quarter, then that player will have to sit the entire 3rd quarter.
* If you have 8 players, you will choose 2 players to play the 1st and 2nd quarter, those two players will have to sit the entire 3rd quarter.
* If you have 7 players, you will choose 3 players to play the 1st and 2nd quarters, you will sit 2 of those 3 players the entire 3rd quarter, then sit
the remaining player the entire 4th quarter.
* If you have 5 or 6 players you will not be able to sit everyone an uninterrupted quarter.
* In the event that a player is injured or collects 3 fouls in the first half, they may then be substituted, but the sub must sit the next quarter uninterrupted.

2.12 Referees will NOT call Backcourt Defense:
* We ask that coaches do not play full court defense if they have a 20-point lead out of respect for the other team. We need to remember this
is a teaching league. We are teaching more than just basketball. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


3.1 There will be a mandatory coaches meeting(s) before the season. If a person coaches a game(s) without this meeting(s), those games will result in forfeit(s).

3.2 Conduct: If a coach exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct he/she will be ejected from one game; for a second offense he/she will be ejected from 2 games; a third offense he/she will be removed from the league. Any physical offense will result in immediate dismissal from the league.

3.3 Coaches are not to speak directly to scorekeepers unless they are requesting information regarding timeouts, playing time or number of fouls a player has amassed. If there is a problem with the scorekeepers, coaches are to address the referee and let him/her correct any problem if one exists.

3.4 Coaches are to stay within the boundaries of their bench. 5-6 year old league coaches can run the sidelines with their players.

3.5 Coaches shall respect the referees at all times; the referees are in charge of the game.


4.1 Spectator rules for conduct at games:
* No alcoholic beverages
* No smoking inside gym or facility or on Boys & Girls Club property
* No fighting
* No use of vulgarities or obscenities
* No debris to be thrown on the playing floor
* Parents will not antagonize coaches, officials, or scorekeepers. Coaches will be responsible for their fans.
* If there is a problem with fans, the referee will go to the coach to handle problem.

4.2 Spectators which fail to adhere to common courtesy and respect will be asked to leave the premises by a director or league representative, and will receive a 1 game suspension. If the spectator is asked to leave a game a second time, he/she is suspended for the remaining season, and must set up a meeting with the CPO, Athletic Director and Basketball Committee before being reinstated.


5.1 Schedule change may only be approved by the Boys & Girls Club Youth Basketball Committee, League Director and/or CPO.

5.2 Questions and/or comments will be addressed by the Boys and Girls Club Basketball Committee, Athletic Director and/or CPO. If a coach feels a discussion
is necessary, he/she shall contact the league director for an investigation before the next scheduled playing date.

5.3 The Boys and Girls Club Basketball Committee, Athletic Director and/or CPO may request residence and grade verification.


* 6.1 Practice times at the Boys and Girls Club will be scheduled through the Boys and Girls Club Athletic Director.
* 6.2 No more than 2 practices are permitted within a one-week time frame.
* 6.3 It is encouraged that athletes be at all practices to play in a game that week, however this will be to the coach’s discretion.


– These rules supersede regular season rules

7.1 Tournament Seeding and Tiebreaker Procedures
* Tournament Seeding Process - Teams will be seeded by their regular season standings.

7.2 Ties Involving Two Teams
* Results of head-to-head competition during the regular season.

7.3 Ties Involving More Than Two Teams
* A point system will be used. Points scored by each team in ONLY the regular season games involving the tied teams.
* In the event that the point system tiebreaking procedure also results in a tie a coin toss tiebreaker will be utilized.

7.4 General Tournament Rules
* All players must be present before tip off to play in a tournament game. Referees will check rosters before the game begins.
* If a Boys and Girls Club representative, board member, or basketball committee member sees conduct deemed unsportsmanlike by referees,
coaches, players or spectators, they may be asked to leave the gym.
* Due to time restraints and fairness to everyone, ABSOLUTELY NO RULE OR SCHEDULE CHANGES WILL BE MADE DURING TOURNAMENT PLAY. If you have more than one team, make sure you make arrangements with an assistant for tournament play. Any questions about schedule or rank must be addressed before the first day of the tournament.
* Reminder: All coaches/assistants must have a form on file in our office to sit on the bench during a game, or the game will result in forfeit.
* Reminder: Assistant coaches need to remain seated during game play. discretion.