Our Club Staff

Our Club has a staff of qualified, experienced, and caring youth development professionals. Each area of the Club is supervised by a program director, with staff available to facilitate programs, solve problems and help members learn, create, and grow.

Chief Executive Officer
Justin Sharpe

Director of Operations
and Grant Administration

Rachel Moore

Director of Resource Development
Christin Neal

Chief Financial Officer
Wanda King

Facilities Management Director
Darren Sexton

Front Desk
Cathy Jeffers

Primary Director
Leslie Blevins

Primary Staff
Erica Jeffers
Gage Sexton
Opal Strunk

Youth Director and SMART Moves Coordinator
Makenzie Boshears

Youth Staff
Marie Jeffers
Danielle Munoz-Williams
Chase Sexton

Teen Director
Renee Anderson

Athletic Director/Teen Staff
Bradly Brooks

Bus Drivers
Wayne DeVore

21st Century Community Learning Center Teacher
Donna Tompkins