Hall of Fame Dinner


The Boys & Girls Club of Scott County Hall of Fame celebrates and honors the contributions of outstanding Scott County natives. Since the inaugural Hall of Fame ceremony in 2003, over 100 inductees have been recognized for their achievements in their particular category.

Each fall, nine new individuals and one business are inducted to ten categories. These categories include Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Youth Mentor, Outstanding Student – Academics, Outstanding Student – Sports, Senior Citizen of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Elected Official, Business Person of the Year, and Business of the Year.

In addition to our induction ceremony, the Hall of Fame dinner provides an opportunity for our community to recognize and support the goals and achievements of our Boys and Girls Club members. This year several of our members will be sharing their talents and dreams with those attending the ceremony. At the Boys and Girls Club, we know that all our members have the potential to be GREAT, and we strive to give them the tools they need to do so. At the Boys and Girls Club we work to foster Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles in all of our members. We understand that these priority outcomes are essential to building the next generation of Hall of Famers.

We are accepting nominations for out 2016 Hall of Fame. If you would like to nominate an outstanding member of our community, you can find the application here. Nominations must be received by Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. Nominations can be returned to the Boys & Girls Club or emailed to the Hall of Fame Committee Chair Kathi Hall at khall@highland.net.


2015 Inductees

Rebecca Smith — Outstanding Educator
Larry Brooks — Outstanding Youth Mentor
Adam Cross — Outstanding Student – Academics
Donald Sexton — Outstanding Student – Sports
Dale Smith — Senior Citizen of the Year
Tammy Foster — Citizen of the Year
Paul Roy — Lifetime Achievement
Esther Abbott — Outstanding Elected Official
Greg Jeffers — Business Person of the Year
Business of the Year Independent Herald

2014 Inductees

Dan Terry — Outstanding Educator
Marvin Bowling — Outstanding Youth Mentor
Cody Lawson — Outstanding Student – Academics
Amanda Jackson —  Outstanding Student – Sports
June Jeffers — Senior Citizen of the Year
Stacey Kidd — Citizen of the Year 
John Lee West —  Lifetime Achievement 
Mike Cross — Outstanding Elected Official
John Litton — Business Person of the Year
Business of the Year JDS Technologies, Inc.

2013 Inductees

Lora Mae Elliot Smith — Outstanding Educator
Dr. Tim West — Outstanding Youth Mentor
Marcus Z. Burchfield — Outstanding Student – Academics
Alex J. Bond —  Outstanding Student – Sports
Rev. Phillip Kazee — Senior Citizen of the Year
Sgt. Brian Boshears — Citizen of the Year 
Lynda Phillips-Madson —  Lifetime Achievement 
Jim D. Sexton — Outstanding Elected Official
Jerry and Diane Slaven — Business Person of the Year
Business of the Year Tennier Industries Inc.

2012 Inductees

Luther Smith — Outstanding Educator
Douglas Sharp — Outstanding Youth Mentor
Dr. Justin West — Outstanding Student – Academics
Shirley Byrd De Leon Outstanding Student – Sports
Clara Terry — Senior Citizen of the Year
Vickie Jones — Citizen of the Year
Don Stansberry, Jr. — Lifetime Achievement
Nancy Williamson — Outstanding Elected Official
George Taylor — Business Person of the Year
Business of the Year Takahata Precision Tennesee

2011 Inductees

Phillip Conner West — Outstanding Student – Academics
Emily Walker — Paxton Carroll Youth of the Year
Devlin Marcum — Youth Mentor
Stephen Franklin Phillips — Outstanding Student – Atheltics
Doris Sexton — Senior Citizen of the Year
Joe Brooks — Community Service/Volunteer
Tom Purkey — Lifetime Achievement
Phyllis Jeffers — Humanitarian
James L. Carson — Educator
Sherry Stephens, DVM — Business of the Year

2010 Inductees

Mike Baker — Outstanding Student – Sports
John B. Bates — Lifetime Achievement
Trevor Bowling — Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year
Megan Welch Burton — Outstanding Student – Academics
Terrie Cross — Humanitarian – Philanthropist
Gerry McDonald — Community Service
Steve Phillips/Ameriprise Financial — Business of the Year
Charles “Wompie Sexton” — Youth Mentor
Rose Mary Sharp — Senior Citizen of the Year
Randy Shelton — Educator

2009 Inductees

Robert “Mike” Duncan — Lifetime Achievement
Charles Max Newport — Lifetime Community Leader
Jeremy Burke — Youth Mentor
Richard Magyar — Philanthropist
Jenny Shoemaker — K-8 Educator
Lisa Delk — 9-12 Educator
Trinity Smith — Outstanding Student – Athlete
Will Phillips — Outstanding Student – Academics
Ella Smith — The Extra Mile Award
Tilda Bowling — Community Leader

2008 Inductees

Jack Diggs — Lifetime Achievement
Dr. George Kline — Lifetime Community Leader
Rick Harper — Youth Mentor
Dr. John & Doris Clayton — Philanthropist
Linda E. Keeton — K-8 Educator
Bertha Lay — 9-12 Educator
Dustin Posey — Outstanding Student – Athlete
Elizabeth Kline Burress — Outstanding Student – Academics
Sharon Miller — The Extra Mile Award
Mary Fields — Community Volunteer

2007 Inductees

Thomas W. Phillips — Lifetime Achievement
Ralph Hoffman — Business Leader
Rodney West — Elected Official
Earl McDonald — Philanthropist
Bill Hall — Youth Mentor
Hoyal Jeffers — K-8 Educator
Joan Culver — 9-12 Educator
Eddie Byrge — Male Athlete
Brandy Brown Rogers — Female Athlete
Charles May — Community Volunteer

2006 Inductees

James A. Walker — Lifetime Achievement
James Swann — Business Leader
Jimmy D. Byrd — Elected Official
Joan Stonecipher — Philanthropist
Andrew H. “Bill” Jacobs — Coach – Youth Mentor
Donna Tompkins — K-8 Educator
Jerry W. Thompson — 9-12 Educator
Michael Smith — Male Athlete
Lisa Nicole Pace — Female Athlete
Vivian Smith — Community Volunteer

2005 Inductees

Dr. Milford E. Thompson — Lifetime Achievement
W.T. “Bill” Phillips — Business Leader
William Paul Phillips — Elected Official
Bromma Pemberton — Philanthropist
Jack E. Lay — Coach – Youth Mentor
Ora Shoemaker Robbins — K-8 Educator
Mary Ann Thompson Brewster — 9-12 Educator
Jordan Michael Jeffers — Male Athlete
Delina Sharp — Female Athlete
Jerry Vaughn Kline — Community Volunteer

2004 Inductees

Dr. H.M. Leeds — Lifetime Achievement
George Roark — Business Leader
James L. “Jamie” Cotton, Jr. — Elected Official
Judy Davis — Philanthropist
Michael Swain — Coach – Youth Mentor
Maggie Barger — K-8 Educator
Clara Ellen Cox — 9-12 Educator
Rusty Yaden — Male Athlete
Lisa Marie Lewallen — Female Athlete
Daniel A. “Bert” Walker — Community Volunteer

2003 Inductees

Howard H. Baker, Jr. — Lifetime Achievement
Harry Stonecipher — Lifetime Achievement
James “Jim” Barna — Business Leader
W.H. Swain — Business Leader
John J. Duncan Sr. — Elected Official
Leslie Winningham — Elected Official
Howard Tibbals — Philanthropist
B. Ray Thompson Sr. — Philanthropist
Vickee Kazee Hollifield — Coach – Youth Mentor
Jim May — Coach – Youth Mentor
Horace M. “Jake” Jeffers — K-8 Educator
Robert “Bob” Carson — K-8 Educator
Eddie Culver — 9-12 Educator
W.O. West — 9-12 Educator
Sparky Woods — Male Athlete
David Sexton — Male Athlete
Kerry Boyatt — Female Athlete
Brynae Laxton — Female Athlete
Norman Acres — Community Volunteer
VeRhonda Hembree — Community Volunteer